What really matters in retirement?

There’s so much said about wealth accumulation, wealth management, the right tips and tricks to building a secure retirement. All well and good – but could there be something more important in retirement than the money you’ve saved (or not)?


How we live our retirement is as important…and dare I say, more important…than what we have monetarily. Of course, it goes without saying, having enough money to be comfortable and not worry about affording the basics of everyday life is a necessity. Without that, we can’t enjoy very much else. But have you ever given thought to what might be more meaningful to you than your retirement savings, big or small?

I came across this article and agree wholeheartedly with its premise: quality of life is more important than quantity of money. Again, I’m not saying if you’re struggling, facing a retirement of need, that looking on the bright side is going to make a huge difference. Hopefully, you’ve acquired enough to make your retirement comfortable in a way that matters to you. If you aren’t there yet or not sure if you have a solid plan, talk to a professional financial advisor.

8 Things That Matter More Than Money


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