The average teacher retires with only 60% of their pension. We call it the Teacher Pension Gap. You can close the Gap with the right financial planning for teachers.
Don’t Count on Your Pension to Fund Your Retirement
So what does it take to get more of what you need in retirement, not less? Saavy financial planning can help you fill that gap and overcome the shortfall. After all, what’s right for you depends on what you’re doing now, but also on knowing what you don’t know. You might be doing okay. But do you know how much you really need for income in retirement? Another problem is risk. Even with a large 403(b) or other retirement savings account, there are still too many variables for safety: you don’t know what the return will be on your investments; you don’t know how long you’ll live; or, most notably, how much you can safely withdraw without running out of money. Remember, there are no second chances in retirement.
So what can you do? First of all, do your homework. According to, you can calculate your likely benefits with the following formula:

Do you have your financial planning for teachers?
The right financial plan = better retirement

Years of Service
multiplied by
Age Factor 
multiplied by
Final Average Salary


Are you saving enough? Will you have enough for the retirement you really want (not just the one you can afford)? Additionally, how much will you need in retirement? And most of all…what can you do to protect and grow your savings – safely, ultimately with guarantees and no risk?


That’s where we come in…we can help you eliminate risk but keep growth. Our mission is to provide solid financial planning and guidance for women who want to secure their futures and live debt-free and truly wealthy. We offer true financial planning and advice, focusing on what’s best for the client. We help you manage and optimize your financial life now, as well as save, invest, and plan for retirement with safety and confidence.


Find out what your retirement amount will be (we can help with that, too). Then call us for a free planning conversation that can make the difference between “oh, well…” retirement and “oh, wow!” retirement.

“I am excited to discuss the wide array of solutions we can offer you to help provide you with peace of mind, now and in retirement.”