Our Approach

We all want to get the most out of Life.  But sometimes it’s hard to know where to get the kind of help you need. We understand. Creating a secure life, now and in retirement, is more than just about money. Because there’s more to developing a financial strategy than bank statements and stock summaries… Learn More

“I am excited to discuss the wide array of solutions we can offer you to help provide you with peace of mind, now and in retirement.”

MY Story

My story begins with raising two wonderful daughters in tough, intriguing, worldly and fast-paced New York City; they are now beautiful, intelligent, self-aware and accomplished women and I am very proud of them.

Being a single parent in Manhattan was a real challenge. But that and life’s “School of Hard Knocks”, helped forge the characteristics in my life that would come to benefit others: fortitude, courage, strength, determination, responsibility, self-reliance. The exciting and innovative atmosphere of New York City, the advertising capital of the world, inspired me to ultimately create a strategic marketing/advertising company of my own…Learn More

One last note

No woman is an island. I am forever grateful to the two women who most changed my life: Shrimatee Ojah-Maharaj and Misty Pierce. Generous, intelligent women and steadfast friends, their unwavering faith in my abilities as a woman, as a professional, and as an educator encouraged me to explore new horizons with courage and self-assurance. I could not have had better, more dedicated, or more inspiring mentors. My thanks to you both.

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