My Story

I never planned a career as an insurance and financial advisor. I began my professional life in multi-media marketing and advertising. But after 15 years of developing marketing strategies that helped small business owners grow their businesses and prosper, I found myself disillusioned by the increasingly impersonal and competitive nature of the industry – and by the new phenomena of social media. Two years of soul-searching led me to realize that what I enjoyed most was making a positive difference in those business owners’ lives.  Insurance and financial planning was right in step with my personal goal of making a difference, one on one, and using my strategic planning background to help others plan wisely for the future and find financial security. So, after half my professional life as a strategic marketing expert, I became a licensed insurance advisor, Certified Trusted Advisor, and Registered Financial Consultant.

As I spoke to countless women while helping protect their families, I began to see how many were not prepared for retirement. Women face unique challenges throughout their lives. And especially in retirement. Most women were not quite sure of how best to go about it or who to talk to. Many said they were plainly scared. I saw a real need for safe, practical solutions that work for women and their families. I decided to specialize in helping independent women secure their financial future. And the rest, as they say, is history.

I founded Secure Solutions for Life based in Worcester, Massachusetts to be many things. A sounding board for women.
A place women can find the practical, financial management answers they need and the sound financial advice they want. From a woman’s perspective. Strategic thinking, education, and planning – for women, by women – for living life now and getting on track for the future.

I believe that knowledge is power. As an educator, I am the Chapter President for the local chapter of AFEA, the American Financial Education Alliance, a national, financial education, non-profit organization.  I work to give back to the community, teaching retirement planning at local colleges and community centers. These workshops and seminars provide unbiased financial education to empower people’s lives.

Contact me today for a complimentary retirement analysis and to learn more about how easily you can make the secure life you want – now and in retirement – a reality.

Retirement planning brings security
At last! I have a plan!

One last note

No (wo)man is an island.  I am especially grateful to two women who most changed my life: Shrimatee Ojah-Maharaj and Misty Pierce; and to my professional advisor coach, Jeremy Nason. Generous, intelligent people and steadfast friends, their unwavering faith in me as a professional, an educator, and a woman opened horizons I would not have otherwise encountered. I could not have had better, more dedicated, or more inspiring mentors. My sincere thanks to all of you.

Jeremy Nason, RFC

“I am excited to discuss the wide array of solutions we can offer you to help provide you with peace of mind, now and in retirement.”